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Mistress P

Salve Dinner with Four Mistresses

Myself and another Mistress have recently held 2 slave dinners, which have been incredibly successful, and a great deal of fun (for us anyway!) and so we've decided to make them available to all, although we will only do one per month.

The slave pays for a 3 hour session, for just one Mistress, but will get the undivided attention of two professional mistresses, plus two (perhaps more!) femme dommes for the entire duration. Use of the dungeon is included in the tribute.

The slave arrives with wine for the ladies, and when all the ladies are assembled, he will order a Chinese or Indian delivery meal for us all, which he will serve, along with the wine. This can be done naked, dressed en-femme or indeed any way at all.

Clearing up afterwards is of course essential! Slave will be our amusement for the night. He might dance, offer foot massages, have some dungeon play, get dressed up, or any one of a number of things. There's no set formula to this part, it's open to suggestion and negotiation! 500.00


Slave will attend to me in a domestic setting, providing dinner and wine, although slave may also cook if he feels his skills are up to it! This time, I will be dining with a male dominant, who's also a very close personal friend. After clearing away, slave will orally attend to us both. Duration 2-3 hours. 300.00

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